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Roy E Ray Fly In, Chicken Wings and Shrimp Fleet Weekend from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News | IRVINGTON AL- This Saturday will be the time to visit "Forrest Gump" territory, that is Bayou La Batre and Irvington, for uniquely Alabama events. Pilots will gather at historic Roy E Ray airport-5R7 as they have for over a decade for the first weekend in May grass field Fly In. Friday, May 3 will feature an evening of Hooter's Chicken Wings to welcome to early arrivals....

Aviation Community Hosts Return to Kerrville Reunion Fly-in - The Leading Aviation Industry Resource for News, Equipment and | Rebecca Hupp has been on board as director of the Boise Airport, also known as Gowen Field, for a year now. As director, she's responsible for all of the infrastructure for commercial passenger and cargo services, including day-to-day operations and...

1st Annual Military - General Aviation Joint Safety Day FLY IN from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News | Keesler AFB announces a Joint Military-Civilian Safety Day and Fly-In to be held at Stennis Airport (Bay St Louis, MS) KHSA on May 18th. Please help us spread the word by forwarding the attached flyer and information to our target audience. Our target audience is all aviators that use the airspace along the Gulf Coast from New Orleans, LA to Mobile, AL - even aviators that are based outside of that area but transit this airspace regularly....

Airshow plans now taking flight - East Lothian Courier | TICKETS are now on sale for Scotland's national airshow at the National Museum of Flight, East Fortune, on Saturday, July 27. The supersonic RAF Typhoon Display Team will take centre stage at the popular annual event, which last year attracted 11,000 ...

Blue Angels to be honored at Wahoos game - WEAR | The pilots and crew members of the Blue Angels will be honored at the Wahoos home game Wednesday night. The Wahoos are taking on the Montgomery Biscuits. Fans are being asked to wear blue to help "Blue Out" the stadium. Members of the Blue Angel ...

WWII B-17 Bomber in Chino - Inland Valley Daily Bulletin | WWII B-17 Bomber in Chino April 29, 2013. he Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress is a World War II bomber used primarily in Europe. B-17s from the Eighth Air Force participated in countless missions from bases in England. These missions often lasted for more ...

WWII B-17 'Memphis Belle' arrives in Hillsboro - kgw.com | HILLSBORO, Ore. -- The Memphis Belle, a large four engine, B-17 bomber, which starred in the movie of the same name, landed softly in Hillsboro. It is one of a handful of B-17s still flying anywhere in the world. It's in Hillsboro to honor World War II ...

Indiana Balloonist Wins Great Ballooning Race from Aero-News Network | Pilot From French Lick, Indiana Takes Kentucky Derby Festival Race An Indiana pilot took first place Saturday at the Kentucky Derby Festival's 41st annual U.S. Bank Great Balloon Race. Jerry Copas dropped his bag full of grass seed from his French Lick Resort Balloon closest to an "X" on the ground to claim the title.

U.K Pilot Flying WWI Replica Airplane Fatally Injured from Aero-News Network | One Of Several Replica Vintage Airplanes Practicing For An Aerial Display A replica of a WWI era Fokker airplane went down Saturday at the Army Aviation Center in Middle Wallop, U.K., during practice for a aerial display. The pilot, the only person on board the aircraft, was fatally injured in the accident.

Starfighter jet arrives at SW Idaho museum - KHQ Right Now | NAMPA, Idaho (AP) - A rare, Cold War era jet has arrived at the Warhawk Air Museum in Nampa. KTVB-TV reports (http://bit.ly/10IUFAR) that the F-104A Starfighter arrived Friday at the southwest Idaho museum. Museum spokesman John-Curtiss Paul says ...

Lucile Wright Air Museum To Open Saturday - Jamestown Post Journal | The Lucile M. Wright Air Museum will open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, with activities including aviation exhibits and hands-on space-science activities. One will be able to control a Rover on Mars or look at stars and constellations in the ...

Where’s Sky King when you need him? from General Aviation News by Jamie Beckett | ...I mention all this because television matters. It is the most effective marketing tool of all time. Heck, if television can make household names out of the Kardashian clan, Snookie and JWoww, imagine what it could do for someone or something of real substance. Recently I’ve run into two groups of serious people who are working hard to change the way aviation is depicted on television. One, the producers of Air Fare America, have embarked on the creation of a unique series that uses aviation to tell a story...

Richard Simmons Backs AU Aviation Program Video from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News | AUBURN AL- Over the past month, Auburn University has been unresponsive to thousands of calls and letters from students, parents, alumni and industry. A simple form letter stating that, "a decision will be made in the near future" is the only information being disseminated to those who express concern over the future of the program. The form letter even states several inaccurate stats on the health of the program. The nearly 4,000 alumni and current students of the Aviation Management Program deserve better....

Space shuttle Enterprise's new home taking shape at New York City's Intrepid - collectSPACE.com | As aerial photographs taken on Friday (April 26) show, the construction of a new exhibition pavilion is taking shape above and around and prototype space shuttle on board the flight deck of the Intrepid, Sea, Air & Space Museum, a converted World War ...

SpaceShipTwo Fires Rocket Engines for First Ever Supersonic Test Flight - Universe Today | I applaud the team at Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites for their accomplishment, and the team at Mojave Air & Space Port for their efforts in creating a professional and safe testing environment.” In this era of stingy federal funding and slashes ...

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Test (2013) from AIRBOYD.TV | Credit: Virgin Galactic MOJAVE, Calif. — Today, Virgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial spaceline owned by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and Abu Dhabi’s aabar Investments PJC, completed the first rocket-powered flight of its space vehicle, SpaceShipTwo (SS2). The test, conducted by teams from Scaled Composites (Scaled) and Virgin Galactic, officially marks Virgin Galactic’s entrance [...]

Sequester and Airshows - What Happens Next...

We recently learned that the Blue Angels, the USAF Thunderbirds, the Golden Knights and all the Military Demo Teams have cancelled their entire Airshow season due to the Sequester. The Military will not take part in Airshows in any way – not static displays, not flying, nothing. This information has sent the Airshow Industry back to their drawing boards to see how they can move on from here.

The Military Demonstration Teams are an enormous draw for these events. Military Teams can increase attendance by up to 30% while bringing many attendees from long distances which increase tourism for their cities. The draw for the communities is estimated to be a minimum of $2M in tourism, hotels, restaurants, etc.

John Cudahy, President of the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) has said, "If the military does not participate in Airshows during the 2013 season, the economic impact will reach far beyond the show itself and deeply into the communities in which those shows are held.”

We can point to what Fleet Week is like in San Francisco with the Blue Angels. The entire town (except for the haters) comes out for the waterside party. The streets are crowded, the hotels and restaurants are full – and now… it’s also cancelled.

Christine Falvey, spokeswoman for San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee, said last month, Fleet Week attracts over 1 million spectators and its loss could have a major economic impact on San Francisco.

Those are the hard numbers, but let’s look at the less tangible impact. The original mission of these teams was always based in recruiting. However, this mission has grown to include a sense of National Pride. During these amazing performances, most people feel a sense of Patriotism. There is rarely a dry eye in the house while watching an impressive fly- over at an athletic event – chests swelling with pride for our country during our National Anthem.

What does that mean to the local Airshows?

In a recent poll taken by AVWeb, an internet aviation news service, only 7 percent of the respondents said, No Jet Teams, No Attendance. The rest were more positive, 54% saying they would attend with or without the teams, 24% said it would dependent on the quality of the rest of the show. So, nearly 80% are willing to go to a show, if we make it creative, interesting and exciting enough without the jets.

Some Airshows decided to just cancel the event this year and either revamp or hope for better times in 2014. Other shows have gotten out their thinking caps and decided to use creativity to bring the crowds back this year.

Deb Mitchell was the Director of Marketing for AirshowBuzz and is now the Managing Partner of Latitude 31. She said, “There will be shows that rise to the challenge and press forward with modifications. Then there will be those who say it's impossible to make money without a jet team. My money is on the shows that reduce their spending, increase sponsorship and design creative marketing plans to lure people to an incredible family event.”

She continued by saying, “The way forward is not easy but it's exciting to be able to re-invent your act or your show possibly attracting an entirely new audience.”

What does this all mean to your favorite Civilian Airshow Performers?

Civilian Airshow Performers can be categorized into three distinct groups. The first group would be the highly sponsored acts such as Sean D. Tucker sponsored by Oracle and others, Kirby Chambliss flying for Red Bull and Michael Goulian for Goodyear Aviation, to name a few. This group has a contract with their sponsors that can include what Airshows and Events they need to fly as well as other Corporate Activities. They will likely not be impacted too badly this year, but if this austerity program continues, we may see a fall in sponsorship of these types of acts in the future.

Performers who have a full time job and fly airshows on weekends are in the next group. Many of the members of this group fly for an airline, which allows them additional flexibility – but there are also 9-5’ers who fly a desk Monday – Friday and then pack up and head out to their local show. Again, this group will survive this year – but their future may be in jeopardy also.

The final group consists of Performers who live day in and day out on their Airshow jobs. This group will be heavily impacted. In speaking with several of the Performers, some have seen 30-50% of their shows cancelled for this year. This could be devastating to Performers in all groups.

How can Performers become more creative to expand their show base? In speaking with Skip Stewart, he mentioned expanding his geographical footprint. This year alone, Skip will fly in 6 different countries including many locations in Latin America and the Caribbean. He will be joined by Kyle Franklin at their first show ever in California (Minter Field, May 11-12). While this means being away from home for longer periods of time, he feels it is worth it to bring his style of flying to more people. I applaud his creativity and his tenacity.

What should Airshows do to survive?

As Debbie Mitchell mentioned, creativity, marketing and sponsorship will be keystones in the future.

Darcy Brewer, Executive Director at California Capital Airshow, agrees and takes it further.
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom…not even federal budget restrictions will stop the 2013 California Capital Airshow from performing for the loyal and eager fans of the Sacramento region (and far beyond) this October 5-6 at Mather Airport.
We realize these are both exciting and challenging times for the air show industry. It’s the ideal time for the industry as a whole to re-invent itself, be creative, roll up its sleeves, and remember why we produce these special events in the first place
  • to honor our veterans and heroes by sharing their stories and experiences
  • to inspire and educate our young people with any amazing asset we can share
  • to passionately share a century of aviation history and American ingenuity with our treasured guests
I encourage everyone to please take a weekend drive with your family this summer and support an industry that needs you by attending an airshow or two. By doing so, you will show these dedicated teams and their armies of volunteers how much you appreciate their tireless commitment regardless of what’s going on in Washington.

Thank you, Darcy. I couldn't have said it better myself. So, I’ll let her words finish off this column.

Hopefully, I’ll see all of you at an Airshow or two this season.

Marilyn Dash
Pylon Place
Ruby Red Racing

Special thanks to Bruce Croft for his excellent photography. These pictures were taken at Airshows around the country and are meant to show the importance of Airshows to our next generation.

Exclusive visit in France with Ramex Delta!

Ramex Delta Tactical Display Team, from France, may not be a very familiar name in most places in the world, but to see them fly in their Mirage 2000N is fun: if you like lots of noise and fast flying jets! They also a superb bunch of guys and are a great host! You can read about them and about our exclusive visit to their home base at Base aérienne 125 Istres – Le Tubé "Sous-lieutenant Charles Monier" France, in the latest issue of The Magazine by AirShowsReview! Download your  FREE copy today!

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Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Makes History with 1st Rocket-Powered Flight - Space.com | A private spaceship designed to carry space tourists made its first rocket-powered test flight today (April 29), reaching supersonic speeds as it paved the way toward commercial flights in the near future....

Video: Virgin Galactic one flight closer to space tourism - CNN | Virgin Galactic is one flight closer to becoming a commercial "spaceline." The company's passenger spacecraft, SpaceShipTwo, completed its first rocket-powered flight Monday morning above the Mojave Desert in California....

Six P-38s at Airshow!!! from Planes Of Fame News | SIX P-38s AT THE 2013 PLANES OF FAME AIR SHOW!!!

Air show to host last flying Lancaster bomber - The Oxford Times | ON MAY 16, 70 years ago to the day, a brave squadron of RAF pilots took off on what was to become one of the most famous missions of the Second World War. The Dambuster squadron as they became known, flew in specially-modified Lancaster bombers ...

Aviators: Spring brings bevvy of Alaska fly-in events - Alaska Dispatch | The 23rd Annual Valdez Fly-in and Air Show is scheduled for Friday, May 10 through Sunday, May 12. It includes lectures, the Alaska Air Show Association Warbirds celebration of 100 years of Alaskan flight, “flour bombing” on Sunday and an air show with ...

Fly In for Autism Charity Event - Illinois Times - Illinois Times | Fly In for Autism Charity Event. Saturday June 29,2013. Holmes Airstrip. 8113 N. Pawnee Rd. Category: Bulletin Board. R/C airplane and helicopter flying and demos. Hands on flight of R/C airplane with an instructor. Raffle tickets for a variety of items.

AIRSHOW NEWS: Haywa​rd Aviation supports​ the Wildcats Aeroba​tic team​ from Flightline UK - UK Airshow News | Hayward Aviation Ltd is delighted to support the Wildcats Aerobatic team in 2013. “The Wildcats are a unique display team, offering a fresh approach to air displays. We’re happy to support them, by arranging their aircraft insurance for the 2013 display season.” Nigel Foster, Director, Hayward Aviation Ltd....

RCX | The Radio Control Expo - RC's ultimate radio control show - www.rcx.com |RCX is the ultimate radio control expo. Sponsors include Traxxas, Horizon Hob

San Marino. Started the season dell'Aerobatic Team San Marino - Giornale.Sm (translated) | Pilots dell'Aerobatic Team, Selva only able to enter the final reserved for the top ten held Sunday morning with an excellent fifth place. His lack of preparation during the winter caused by various problems does not seem to have affected ...

"Flying Catfish" UCAP #325 from Uncontrolled Airspace: General Aviation Podcast | Guest Dan Johnson. From the deck of Sun 'n Fun Radio Jeb, Dave, and Jack wrap up the 2013 fly-in. Uncontrolled Airspace General Aviation Podcast. Recorded April 14, 2013.

Disney’s Planes to air at AirVenture from General Aviation News | The summer release of “Disney’s Planes,” the animated comedy adventure from above the world of the popular 2006 film “Cars,” has the entire aviation community buzzing. Those attending AirVenture this year will have the opportunity to experience a Special Preview Screening at the Fly-In Theater on Friday night, Aug. 2, one week before the movie opens in theaters nationwide....

'Racing Red Tails' to compete in all-female race - digitalBURG.com | The University of Central Missouri's aviation student Molly Brand will participate in one of the most prestigious, all-female, cross-country events this summer, “The Air Race Classic.” Brand and her teammate, Miyukiko ...

Today in 1918, Lt. Edward V. Rickenbacker downed his first enemy aircraft via IASAR | Rickenbacker of Columbus, Ohio, was a famous race car driver before the United States' entry into World War I. As the United States prepared to send troops to Europe, Rickenbacker was offered a position as General Pershing's chauffeur. He accepted and enlisted in the U.S. Army. Soon after arriving in France...

Historical Society to honor early aviator - Rutland Herald | Schmitt, who will be honored this week with a historical marker at the Rutland fairgrounds, set a handful of aviation records in the early days of flight, became the first pilot to fly from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and, in 1913, had the less happy...

Restorers and promises to come from Travel for Aircraft by joseph_may

Mc Donnell Douglas YC-15 (part 3) - The Lexicans | ...as part of further operational demonstrations were conducted at China Lake, CA using dummies for static-line drop tests. Cargo drops with 5000lb to 20,000lb were also conducted from an altitude of about 4750ft. The heaviest drop was a 28,243lb load of CDS containers. The primary result of the drop tests found the troop door was too narrow.

Major Cache of Ryan PT-22 Parts to Donated APM from Antique Airfield News | Thanks to the generosity of Mike & Margaret Wilson of Cedar Rapids, IA, the APM has received a large donation of Ryan PT-22 projects and parts.

'Young Eagles' Get Their First Taste Of Flying - Greeneville Sun | Members of the Smith family of Chuckey enjoyed a flight Saturday morning with pilot Jerry Hope as part of the “Young Eagles” program at the Greeneville Municipal Airport sponsored by local Chapter 1355 of the Experimental Aircraft Association


PFLUGERVILLE, TX – April 30,2013 – In a joint announcement following the Sun ‘n Fun Expo, LiveAirshowTV, LLC (LiveAirShowTV), Pilot Magazine, LLC (PilotMag), and Air & Space Television (A&S Media Group LLC), have agreed to a strategic alliance designed to further position them as leaders in content creation and program distribution.

LiveAirShowTV, founded by Jeff Lee, is a multi-platform aerospace media production group. With unique relationships and insider access, the company has provided live coverage as well as personality driven news and video features from North American aviation events via its LiveAirShowTV.com website. LiveAirShowTV along with educational & entertainment partners are also developing air & space themed transmedia opportunities to inspire a new generation of aviation fans.

“As we travel the country to aviation events and airshows, we see first hand the hunger and excitement people have for aviation media. Since our founding, LiveAirShowTV’s goal has been to create an ever-expanding audience of those people who are passionate about flight,” comments Jeff Lee.

“Since we first met the principals behind Air & Space Television, we knew assisting them in launching the network would prove a benefit to us, them and the world of aviation. Promoting aeronautics to as broad an audience as possible has always been the driving force behind PilotMag and we are thrilled to step into this strategic alliance,” says Pilot Magazine COO Jeff Mattoon.

A&S Media Group, founded by Phillip Hurst, is creating a dedicated multi-platform TV channel devoted exclusively to aviation and space. Hurst and television and cable industry insider George Greenberg, have worked diligently to create a channel devoted to the millions of global aviation enthusiasts. A&S Media Group principals have been instrumental in the successful launch of five niche television programming services.

“We are enthused to combine forces with such respected and dedicated content creators as PilotMag and Live Airshow TV. As we move forward in developing the network, their proficiencies within their respective media specialties will serve the whole well,” offers Hurst.

Since 2008, PilotMag has established itself as a true industry insider and ally to the people and organizations within aviation and aerospace, delivering content via an industry-leading print magazine, website and mobile device applications.

“As a natural progression of our aviation media products and brand, we are currently in development of three aviation-based television series, which makes this strategic alliance so potent. It’s in our mutual vested interest to assist Air & Space Television in their launch, providing original programming to feed the demand for high-quality, highly entertaining content,” says Brad Irwin, CEO of Pilot Magazine, LLC.

For additional information, contact:
Jeff Mattoon: jmattoon@pilotmag.com
Phillip Hurst: phillip@airandspace.tv
Jeff Lee: jeff@liveairshowtv.com

"The Restorers" production underway

The Restorers - the Series
Production Update
The WWII ADT jumpers head for their dawn jump from an historic C-47 (Frederick, OK)
Production for The Restorers has resumed!  In 2010 filming began on the groundbreaking aviation series.  This month Cleveland-based Hemlock Films began filming new stories for season one, starting with the fine folks at the WWII Airborne Demonstration Team.  
In the coming months The Restorers will be filming nationwide, learning about and sharing stories of those who recover, rebuild and fly antique planes.  To follow our adventures, visit our Facebook Page, or visit us at:
While filming has begun, we can always use some help.  If you know of a person, group or aircraft with an interesting tale, let us know about it!  Contact us and we may include the story in our show.
WWII Paratrooper William Guarnere during filming of The Restorers.  Guarnere served with the celebrated 101st, 506 PIR, 2nd Battalion, Easy Company.
The Restorers
(216) 496-5013
We would love to hear from you!
Email: info@hemlockfilms.com

Hemlock Films | 1446 Elbur Avenue | Lakewood, Oh 44107
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Manitowoc air show fills gaps with civilian acts - The Advocate | MANITOWOC, Wis. (AP) — The producer of the Thunder on the Lakeshore air show in Manitowoc says he and others are working hard to fill gaps in the lineup left by federal budget cuts. The armed services grounded their top jet teams as well as smaller...

Air Shows not Worried about Federal Budget Cuts - WMTV - HomePage - WMTV | Paul Rodgers is president of the Milwaukee Air and Water Show. He says the August show will have a strong lineup without the Thunderbirds and Golden Knights. Rodgers says one group that's coming includes former Golden Knights and the show could ...

Air Show Returns to Eastern Alabama - Flight Journal | The Auburn University Regional Airport is bringing the first true air show to eastern Alabama since 1984 when the Auburn-Opelika Airshow kicks off on May 11. Attendees will be able to watch aerobatic displays, see vintage warbirds, participate in the Touch A Truck event and see the newly constructed terminal at the Auburn University Regional Airport....

California Capital Airshow Announces Stellar 2013 Performer Line Up  | SACRAMENTO, Calif. The California Capital Airshow (CCA) today announced a robust and varied performer’s roster and will host five plus hours of thrills, chills and jaw-dropping excitement. The Show, October 5-6, 2013, at Mather Airport, will feature spine-tingling performances including headliner, the Royal Canadian Air Force Jet Demonstration Team, known as the Snowbirds, thrilling demonstrations, world-class aerobatics, wingsuit flyers, barnstorming, wing walking, World War II aircraft and endless entertainment and displays along the ramp....

Natural High: Wilma Flies with Blue Angels - fox8.com | Her fear was so genuine she prepared for the worst and even wrote what she thought might be a final love letter to her husband. But the chance to fly with the Blue Angels was another challenge Wilma Smith accepted and overcame. In the clip above, join ...

Rare B-17 WWII Bomber Flies Into Eugene Airport for Public Flights, Tours from Airplanista Aviation Blog by Dan Pimentel | The Experimental Aircraft Association’s restored B-17 bomber Aluminum Overcast will make a three-day stop at the Eugene Airport May 17, 18 and 19 as part of its 2013 “Experience History” national tour. The public will be able to see this historic bomber up close and purchase rides at Atlantic Aviation, 90454 Boeing Drive, located at the south end of the airport. Visit this map to the viewing location. Known as “The Flying Fortress,” this extremely rare B-17 bomber is considered one of the greatest military airplanes...

Here's how you can take a flight in a B-17 bomber - Statesman Journal | The Memphis Belle is a restored World War II B-17 "flying fortress" that is on a tour celebrating the 70th anniversary of the bomber's historic last mission. It will be at Portland Hillsboro Airport on May 4-5 offering public flights and ground tours ...

Youngest 'pilot' steals limelight at air show - Times of India | The youngest 'pilot' in India came to Thrissur to participate in an air show at Punkunnam Vidya Mandir School on Saturday. And he enthralled the audience by flying a life-like model of NF2070 aircraft at a height of 1,000 feet. Though there were other ...

Hill Goodspeed: Miller was the driving force behind Doolittle Raiders - Pensacola News Journal | Arriving at Eglin Field, Miller was escorted to the building set aside for Doolittle and his men, where he got his first look at the B-25 Mitchell medium bomber, a plane in which he would teach the Army Air Forces fliers how to fly from the deck of an ...

Benjamin H. Danskin - phillyBurbs.com | During World War II he served in the Army as an Officer and trained as a B-25 bombardier navigator. After the war, he graduated from Dickinson College with a degree in political science. An avid golfer, Ben was more than a 50 year member of Spring Lake ...

L-29 Dolphin Insanely Low Fly By from TAKEOFF TUBE

'The Earhart Enigma': A new book with a Saipan connection - Marianas Variety | A new book has just been released alleging evidence relating to the mystery surrounding Amelia Earhart, the famous aviatrix believed to have once been a prisoner of the Japanese in the long abandoned, crumbling jail
on Chalan Pale Arnold Road.

Formation flight Sunday. Douglas A4D-2 Skyhawks. From Attack... from Planeshots

Aero club members celebrate 75 years - The Daily Post | Almost 40 pilots, air traffic controllers and friends and family enjoyed a day of nostalgia at the Rotorua Airport on Saturday to commemorate the Rotorua Aero Club's 75th anniversary. Club secretary Andrew McMenamin said those attending enjoyed a ...

HCISD teen aviation enthusiasts learn flight basics - Valley morning Star | These students are members of the Aviation Club at HHS. The club's mission is to give students an opportunity to learn the basics of flying an aircraft and open their eyes to the career opportunities that aviation can bring, said Dr. Timothy Jordan ...

Spacevidcast: The cool kids work in Mojave from Spaceports

SpaceShip Two hopes to break sound barrier Monday - Tehachapi News | News reporters usually don't learn about the flights at Mojave Air & Space Port until after the fact. Last week was a major exception. In an interview published Tuesday by the Las Vegas Sun, Virgin's founder, Sir Richard Branson, said the six-passenger ...

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Wings of Dreams: May Fly-In Breakfast

WOD Banner 
Fly-In/Cruise-In Breakfast
Saturday, May 4, 2013
8 am - 10:30 am
Keystone Heights Airport, Florida (42J)
Former Keystone Army Airfield - WWII Air Base
 Tour the historic space artifact collection with
Capt. Bob
A "Celebration of Life" Commemorative Service for Col. Phil Newman will be held at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 4, 2013, at the Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum, Keystone Heights Airport.

Col. Newman was a WWII B-17 pilot, who served in the European Theater of Combat (Italy) in 15th Air Force, 99th Bomb Group and 347 Bomb Squadron. For many years, he was the spokesperson for the Decrepit Birdman, a group of local combat airmen, and active in many veterans organizations in the Gainesville area. But his passion was teaching WWII history in classrooms of a multi-county area. 

Col. Newman was an avid supporter of Wings of Dreams and the annual Wings of Dreams Air Shows. In recent years, he donated his personal memorabilia, WWII keepsakes and artifacts for display.

We dedicate our museum reopening to the memory of Phil Newman.
Elevation: 196 ft. - Pattern Altitude 1196
Frequencies: CTAF/UNICOM - 122.7

WX AWOS-3 - 124.275 (352-473-8273)

Airport Office: 352-473-0031

Great fuel prices at Keystone Airport!

NEXT FLY-IN - JUNE 1, 2013
Eggs, grits, bacon, sausage, biscuits, fruit, juice, coffee

$7 per person
$4 per child (9 & under)

Free breakfast for WWII and Korean War veterans

First come, first served
All proceeds to benefit Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum
Sponsored by:
Johnny's Bar-B-Q
& Catering
Keystone Heights, FL



Call:  352-256-8037
Vintage cars on display.
Download  May Fly-In Flyer
Download Wings of Dreams

May 26, 2013

Space Shuttle External Tank on the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, heading to its new home.
Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum
Historic Space Artifact Collection
Helping preserve the history of America's space program.
Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum | 7100 Airport Road | Starke | FL | 32091

Indy Transponder 28-APR-2013 1815z

First woman inducted in North Dakota Aviation Hall of Fame - Bismarck Tribune | “There were very few women in aviation during the 1940s and she learned to fly in a man's world, and she did it well,” Christensen said. Oleson's advancements in aviation didn't stop at flying a plane. In 1946, she established the first aviation...

Air Show Draws Crowds To Durant Airport - KTEN | DURANT, OK -- An air show drew crowds of people in Bryan County to watch vintage planes soar. Organizer Debby Standefer says it is the first time an air show has been held in Durant in about 14 years. Traffic was backed up on the way to Eaker Field for the Take To The Skies Airfest on Saturday afternoon....

Weekend Air Show in Monroe Features Plane Used by Tuskegee Airmen - WBTV | ...A 71 year old aircraft is offering a moving tribute to the World War Two Tuskegee Airmen, and the amazing plane that helped make them famous. Their calling card was the well known Red Tail P-51 Mustang....

Dream Machines is This Weekend at the Half Moon Bay Airport - Patch.com | Hundreds of aviation wonders are expected to be on display –– stylish homebuilts, classics from the '40s and '50s, vintage warbirds, sport and ultralight aircraft. Highlights include jaw-dropping, shock and awe flyovers by historic military aircraft ...

Planes of Fame - Media Flight - YouTube | on 24 April in Chino in preperation for the Planes of Fame airshow Lightning Strikes Chino, Planes of Fame had a media flight. Here's the vid from that flight. For all the details, you'll have to head to the blog posting http://bit.ly/183im4l for all the details.

Airplanes to fill the skies over Temple - Temple Daily Telegram | In World War II aircraft from the Texas Flying Legends Museum and Commemorative Air Force. n A ground re-enactment in honor of Vietnam veterans, presented by the Texas Military Forces Museum at Camp Mabry and the Marine Aviation Museum in ...

Spirit of aviation lives on - Camarillo Acorn | The B-17 was donated to the EAA Aviation Foundation in 1983 and displayed at the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh, Wis., for a decade. The airplane made its national tour debut in the spring of 1994. The B-17 will stop at the Camarillo Airport from May ...

Aerobatic team to join Red Arrows at 2013 Weston-super-Mare Air Day - This is Somerset | An aerobatic team is the latest attraction to confirm its place at the Weston-super-Mare Air Day. The event, organised by North Somerset Council, is on June 22 and will feature a host of famous aviation names filling the skies above Weston Bay ...

The new airshow of the Dutch F16 Demo-Team for 2013 from TAKEOFF TUBE

B-25s soar over the Emerald Coast (VIDEO, GALLERY) - The Northwest Florida Daily News | DESTIN — The twin engines of the B-25 roared to life in the late afternoon sun Tuesday. The propellers of the World War II-era bomber started their warm-up routine, spinning slowly at first and then faster and faster until the 23,000 pounds of ...

Future of fly-in up in air after 20 years - The State Journal-Register | Both waved while Ruth Wilson's nephew Mark Wells took off on an airplane flight with passengers including another of Wilson's granddaughters and a niece. The 20th anniversary of the Charlie Wells Memorial Fly-In, a two-day event, took place at Landmark ...

Balloons over Drumheller, Alberta from Aviation News - Airplane-Pictures.net | Special thanks extended to the Calgary Balloon Club for the excellent work in organizing this weekends activities in Drumheller, Alberta!...

Family of WWII Flying Tiger to gather for memorial service at McConnell - Kansas.com | When a Kansan who flew World War II combat missions with the famed Flying Tigers died in November, there wasn't time for a family scattered across the country to gather to honor their hero.
Eldon Mace died just four days past his 90th birthday and was...

WW2 Photos Look Back at the B-17′s Long Beach Years - War History Online | On the 75th anniversary of the U.S. bomber that dominated the skies in World War II, here’s a pictorial tribute to ‘Rosie the Riveters’ who built the Flying Fortress at the Douglas Aircraft plant.  Introduced in April 1938, the B-17 secured its place in history as a long-range, high altitude heavy bomber used to great effect against...

The French military aircraft overseas 1911-1939 from Passion for aviation by Xavier Cotton | The French military aircraft overseas | 1911-1939 | Jean-Baptiste sleeve | Foreword by Jacques Fremeaux | If the field of civil aviation overseas is now a well known area, the study of military aviation remains almost unexplored. Thus, Jean-Baptiste sleeve offers us a unique book on the evolution of the French Air Force: it gives us to understand the reasons why the French military aircraft deployed overseas to spend an aviation domination dedicated to the control and management of colonial territories towards an aviation defense and protection. A study that does not neglect the human realities as such gives us a vivid description of the lives of the crew ....

Yankee Air Museum Wants Home At Ex-Bomber Plant - CBS Local | “To relocate where men and women worked around the clock to produce the aircraft that helped preserve our nation's freedom will bring history to life in a unique and powerful way,” Dennis Norton, the founder and president of the Yankee Air Museum, said ...

Merseburg from Let Let Let - Warplanes by Robert | The museum Merseburg is located in what was formerly East Germany. The Museum was established in the late 1990s on the site of a former Soviet Air Force base which closed in 1991. The museum holds an excellent collection of aircraft as well as Motor Vehicles. Images present following subjects:...

Combat Air Museum Holds The 20th Annual Pancake Feed Fundraiser - WIBW - WIBW | Shawnee County commissioners and a few Topeka City Council members showed up at Combat Air Museum's 20th annual fundraiser and pancake feed. Topeka Treasurer, Larry Mah, and Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins joined along with others to flip ...

Podcast: Trade-A-Plane's Global Plan -- 20 Years Exhibiting at Aero from AVWeb Podcast - Podcast | If everyone on the planet knows what Trade-A-Plane is, there's a reason for that. Long before it became fashionable to have a global business plan, Trade-A-Plane had been exhibiting at shows all over the world. In this podcast, Trade-A-Plane's Cosby Stone tells AVweb the company has been coming to Germany since the day the show started more than 20 years ago.

Video: Smart Car Goes Flying -- FlyEco's Three-Cylinder Diesel from AVwebFlash Current Issue | Although some may consider it a smugmobile, Mercedes's diminutive SmartCar has gained a worldwide following and a market. The European version has a nifty three-cylinder diesel with impressive fuel specifics that a company called FlyEco has adapted for aircraft use....

Kids Fly Free on Young Eagles Day - Patch.com | ...The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 176 is sponsoring a Young Eagles Day on Saturday, May 11, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the airport. All children and teens ages 8 to 17 will have an opportunity to fly in an aircraft piloted by an EAA pilot, free of charge....

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Indy Transponder 27-APR-2013 1045z

Blue Angels impress young crowd at St. Martin High - WLOX | Automatic budget cuts, known as sequestration, grounded the Blue Angels this year. With no air shows to put on, the elite pilots and their crews are focusing on another part of their mission -- community outreach and recruiting. On Friday, several Blue ...

Airport plans to return flying legends to skies - This is Kent | Biggin Hill airport this week told the Chronicle they were looking at ways to resurrect the popular annual air fair. They hope a new-look spectacular will be off the ground within the next "couple of years", but admit they have been wrestling with the ...

Kirby Chambliss Slow Motion from Apron 6

'Dawn Patrol' new VW Hot Air Fest event - Van Wert independent | ...The spectacular new feature will include six balloons first performing a “glow” about an hour prior to daylight and then taking off from the fairgrounds before the sun comes up. By the time the balloons are ready to land, it will be light enough for them to do so....

WWII planes stop by Palm Springs in Wings of Freedom Tour - The Desert Sun | Witchcraft, and two other rare flying warbirds including a P-51C Mustang and B-17 Flying Fortress, are on display for tours and rides until noon on Wednesday. The trio are part of an annual national tour of warbirds put together by The Collings Foundation.

B-17 returns to Torrance airport for public flights - Los Angeles Daily News | It's a steep cost, but officials stress it costs roughly $4,000 an hour to operate this B-17, which has been restored to its original glory. Passengers can walk throughout the entire plane, visiting the cockpit and just about every nook and cranny ...

F-104 Starfighter arrives at Nampa's Warhawk Air Museum - KTVB | NAMPA -- The newest addition to the Warhawk Air Museum slowly floated through the air Friday morning during a unique delivery process described as "slinging." Suspended 30 feet above the ground by a crane, a well-preserved F-104A Starfighter was ...

Electric Flight Pioneers Explore Battery Options from AVwebFlash Current Issue | To realize the potential of electric flight, batteries are key -- they must be safe, powerful, affordable, and long-lasting -- and several of the speakers at this week's CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium are working to address these issues....

Podcast: In-Flight Recharging for an Electric Airplane from AVWeb Podcast - Podcast | Chip Yates of Flight of the Century, who set an unofficial speed record last year in an electric-powered Long-EZ, is now working on a mid-air recharging system for the aircraft, which he plans to test prior to appearing at EAA AirVenture later this summer. He spoke with AVweb's Mary Grady about his plans at the CAFE Electric Airplane Symposium in Santa Rosa, California on Friday.