Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hiller Happenings

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Bush Flying in Alaska
February 27, 2010 11:00am

At over 500,000 square miles, Alaska is the largest state in the union and is one-fifth the size of the entire "Lower 48". With only one major highway, the primary mode of transportation is the airplane so if you like to fly, Alaska is definitely the place to be. From landing ski planes on the glaciers of Mount McKinley, to mapping tundra fires in Central Alaska, to hauling oil refinery parts to Barrow on the North Slope, the flying in Alaska provides an unparalleled flying experience.

Come hear Darren Pleasance narrate an hour-long slide show
describing his days as an Alaskan bush pilot. Click here for more info.

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Summer Adventures for Kids Grades 1-8 at the Hiller Aviation Museum!

Aviation Day Camp
Grades 1-6

Registration is open for the Hiller Aviation Museum's annual Aviation Camp programs for kids entering Grades 1-6 in Fall 2010. These exciting weeklong camps each offer hands-on experiences in flight using real aircraft, detailed flying models, and high-fidelity flight simulators.

Three different topics are available for Grades 1-6, including:

Air & Space: A thrilling out-of-this-world adventure in spaceflight, featuring construction and launch of a model rocket, a field trip to visit the USS Hornet aircraft carrier, and adventures under the stars of a special planetarium dome.

Extreme Flight: Discover the farthest, fastest and wildest frontiers of flight with cutting-edge experiments, advanced flight with high performance model airplanes and water rockets, and a spectacular live bird presentation.

Pilot Academy: Fly through the world of the aviator and follow in the footsteps of the Wright Brothers with challenging flight simulation missions, detailed models and encounters with real aircraft and their pilots.

Camp Skyhawk
Grades 6-8
New for Summer 2010

An exclusive experience for middle school flight enthusiasts, Camp Skyhawk provides advanced aviation activities in a unique small group setting. Campers plan and fly two different flight simulations daily with one simulator assigned per camper. Sophisticated model construction includes a special high-performance rocket that is launched on a Friday field trip, followed by a behind-the-scenes tour of the USS Hornet's bridge and other shipboard areas reserved just for Camp Skyhawk kids.

Visit our Aviation Camp Information Page for more information, including our registration forms for both programs. We'll see you this summer at camp!

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Flying the Edge of America
A trip of a lifetime
By David Millett, Julia Buss

Presentation and Book Signing
Saturday March 20, 11AM

In the summer of 2008 David and Julia flew their small, single engine, airplane around the edges of the contiguous United States of America. Along the way, they encountered America's small towns, National Parks, and National Monuments. On the most dangerous and exciting adventure of their lives they flew into unanticipated ghastly weather, thunderstorms, and brushed with hurricanes. In the end, they discovered a land much more complex than they had imagined, far larger than they could believe, and more beautiful than they dreamed possible. This presentation and book is the story of their flight around the edge of America, and the journey that brought them to a deeper understanding and love of this country. •  Hiller Aviation Museum

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