Friday, February 19, 2010

Indy Transponder 18-FEB-10 2345z

Thunderbirds prep for air show - Beloit Daily News
The Thunderbirds have performed all over the country and specialize in aerobatic formation as well as solo flying. Mulhare loves the rush he gets from ...

"The Harrier is one of the more unique fighter planes out there," said Ryan Kern, president of the Duluth Air Show. "It's the latest addition to an already unique air show, which includes the Air Force Thunderbirds, Tora Tora Tora and ...

Seats are available on "Pacific Prowler," a B-25, that will attend the upcoming Doolittle Raiders reunion commemorating the historic attack on Japan by B-25 Mitchells launched from the deck of the USS Hornet. The reunion will take place over the weekend of April 17-18 in Dayton, Ohio, at the National Museum of the Air Force. Nearly 25 B-25s have been invited to attend.
Pacific Prowler II was built in 1944 at North American's Kansas City plant and was accepted for service in early 1945. In recent years, the Pacific Prowler has become a Hollywood star, working in more than 80 feature films, including "Memphis Belle," "Flight of the Phoenix," "For Whom the Bell Tolls," "Catch 22″ and many more. Based at the Vintage Flying Museum at the southwest end of Meacham International Airport (FTW) Fort Worth, Texas, the B-25 is operated by the Pacific Prowler non-profit organization.
There are a few seats still left for the flight to the reunion, available on a cost share basis.
For more information: or 817-517-4407.

Dartmouth's regatta of sailing, rowing and airshows has announced a loss of £12000. According to local media, it is the first loss-making regatta organisers can remember. But it's not the sailors that are to blame. ...

He has flown countless Young Eagles as a part of his EAA Chapter 562 activities." The farm airport was established and registered with the FAA in 1975 with ...

The 13th running of the EAA AirVenture Cup race will return to Mitchell, South Dakota, this year in a straight-line dash to Oshkosh on Sunday July 25.

Airport plans up in the air - Sunshine Coast Daily
Caloundra Air Museum spokesman Cliff Robinson wants to know once and for all about the future of the Caloundra Airport precinct. CALOUNDRA Aerodrome may not ...

Who doesn't want to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Pluto, -- or interview a legend who walked on the moon?
This morning on "The Takeaway", Capitol Hill radio correspondent Todd Zwillich (who's filling in on the NYC show this week) interviews astronaut Buzz Aldrin (the guy who walked on the moon with Neil Armstrong)about Pluto and other Space-related matters. Aldrin recently celebrated his 80th birthday, making his birth just week's before Pluto's discovery.
On NASA budget cuts, Aldrin sai ...

The purpose of Next Step is to jumpstart the number of young people who learn to fly by making Sporty's Complete Flight Training Course available for free to all Young Eagles, past, present and future. ...

Flying has always been a dream for local sophomore since the age of 13, and it has not faltered.
Ionia High School sophomore Logan Bowling has always wanted to be a pilot, and when he was 14 years old took his first solo glider flight.
    "I always liked to fly, and it wasn't until I was 13 that I learned I could fly," said Bowling. "At that time I learned I wanted to be a pilot for my career."
    Two years later, Bowling, who turned 16 years old Feb. 11, has now completed his training for motorized airplanes, and took to the air alone Feb. 13.
    "It was a lot of fun, it wasn't as intimidating as my first solo glider flight, but it was a big step from what I was use to," said Bowling. "I just got my driver's license, too, so I was driving by myself and flying by myself." ...

Ursula Gordon's Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry class at North Clayton High School learned Wednesday about the aviation industry, and the array of career opportunities it offers.
Approximately 20 juniors and seniors were present during Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport's "Careers In Aviation Preparedness Workshops" Wednesday morning.
"I loved it," said 17-year-old Jarvis Williams. "I learned more about the aviation industry, as far as careers, and what goes [on] around the airport, as far as safety."
Three speakers visited the school: Yasmina Platt, aviation planner for the Department of Aviation at Hartsfield-Jackson; Regina Boone, operations research analyst for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); and Linda Chatman, aviation and space education program manager for the FAA.
"It gives students a broad knowledge of career opportunities that are out there," said Boone. "This broadens their horizons." ...

Max Air 2 Air | Hello Plane Folks, This week I bring you a short but humorous excerpt from this week's Flog entry.  Enjoy! Max

RAF Kinloss out of service print picture from PPRuNe Forums by Gp Capt L Mandrake

Incredible - sonic boom destroys a sun dog from The Original Rocket Dungeon [ fan of vapor? - well, this is cool! ]
I had seen several posts about this event but until R2K posted it, I hadn't taken a peek. Big mistake.  This is got to be the coolest video I've seen this year.

Solar Dynamics Observatory Launch, Feb 11, 2010 HD VERSION A sun dog is a prismatic bright spot in the sky caused by sun shining through ice crystals. The Atlas V rocket exceeded the speed of sound in this layer of ice crystals, making the shock wave visible from the ground. The announcer can be heard in the video saying, "The vehicle is now supersonic."

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