Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ride the Prowler


Pacific Prowler Heads to Doolittle Reunion

You Can Ride Along!


Fort Worth, TX, February 8, 2010—The Pacific Prowler, a well kept TB-25N, will be attending what may be the last Doolittle Reunion commemorating the historic attack on Japan by B-25 Mitchells launched from the Deck of the USS Hornet.

The Reunion will take place over the weekend of April 17-18 in Dayton, OH at the National Museum of the Air Force (  Along with the Prowler, nearly 25 B-25’s have been invited to attend (

The Pacific Prowler II was built in 1944 at North American's Kansas City plant and was accepted for service in the AAF in early 1945.  In recent years, the Pacific Prowler has become a Hollywood star, working in the making of more than 80 feature films, including the Memphis Belle, Flight of the Phoenix, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Catch 22 and many more. The Pacific Prowler is one of the most stunning B-25’s flying today.

The Prowler is pleased to announce that there are a few seats in the airplane available to attend the Reunion on a cost share basis. Book a seat with them, fly to the event, be a part of the proceedings or book a seat on the way home. Availability is limited.  More information is available at, or by calling 817.517.4407.  

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