Monday, June 23, 2014

The Aviators: That's a Wrap - But We're Not Done Yet!

The BIGGEST Aviation Show on the Planet
June 21st, 2014

Done!... Finished!... Finito! 
Filming for Season 5 is Complete!

Check out more photos from our shoots right here on our Facebook Page!

Whenever we shoot for The Aviators, our crew must endure a gruelling schedule of producing segments, finding a story, cranking out scripts, preparing, repairing, and packing up gear... locating, transporting, negotiating, and changing the plan! We work while you sleep and only hope there's enough coffee to help us function at 3 am!

Wow! We're tired just from typing that! Then we do it all over again! Hard to imagine how we manage to keep it going, but when the right combination presents an opportunity to create something special, despite all the chaos that comes with a production, what you eventually get to watch on TV makes it all worthwhile. See you all in September :)

Thanks to the GEICO Skytypers, Michelin, Air Tractor, and Bell Helicopter for taking us into the home stretch! 

The End Of One...
Marks The Beginning Of Another
Watch our Teaser Trailer for The Bikers

Get ready for the ultimate Aviators spin-off with the next big thrill - Motorcycles! Same style, same gorgeous visuals, same informative storytelling... with a little more rubber and a lot more rumble... well, maybe sometimes!

We're starting the season off right by actually following the rules as beloved Aviators host Sara Rependa participates in a motorcycle safety course... riding a motorcycle for the very first time! While Sara may be a Biker newbie (not that there's anything wrong with that, of course), Aviators' host and producer Anthony is the more seasoned cast member with over 30 years of riding experience.
This week's shoot merely kickstarts this exciting series in which we will document everything you've wanted to know about the most popular form of transportation on the planet.
Visit our Facebook Page for many more updates regarding the show - See you on the road!

No Hits, No Runs, No Errors!

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DVD's will ship July 1st. Don't miss out!

Click Here to Watch the Air Boss Trailer
Watch Wayne Boggs as he delivers a riveting performance in this explosive behind the scenes look of what goes into bossing an airshow.

The suspense is unbearable and precautions are extensive as Wayne and his team try hard to keep danger at bay while bringing the performers in on schedule.

With last minute cancellations, a looming storm, and tragic recollections threatening everyone's safety, the Air Boss will do whatever it takes to live up to his title. 

Featuring performances by your favourite airshow acts including the Shockwave Jet Truck, the US Navy Blue Angels, and John Mohr at the most exciting events of the summer! Be the first to catch this new series, at a special pre-order price for a limited time. Click here to pre-order now!
In This Update
Filming for Season 5 is Complete
The Bikers Begins!
Air Boss Pre-Order Now!
When Are We On?

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When Are We On?

United States: The best way to find out when we air in your area is to use a simple and very popular tool we've made available to our fans. 

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Canada: Canadians can catch PBS airings from Seattle, WA; Fargo, ND; Detroit, MI; and Buffalo, NY, but also have many native viewing choices several times each week including iChannel, CHEK, Travel+Escape, and Cottage Life.
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