Friday, October 11, 2013

"The Restorers"…..back in the saddle!

The Restorers - the Series
Production Update
Production for The Restorers has resumed!  We took a small break from production (mainly to work with all of the stories we've filmed thus far!)  Now we're back, and heading to where much of it all began....Kitty Hawk, NC.  Our cameras will focus on those famous dunes at Kill Devil Hill to watch some folks recreate history, flying a 1902 Wright
In the coming months The Restorers will be filming nationwide, learning about and sharing stories of those who recover, rebuild and fly antique planes.  To follow our adventures, visit our Facebook Page, or visit us at:
While filming has begun, we can always use some help.  If you know of a person, group or aircraft with an interesting tale, let us know about it!  Contact us and we may include the story in our show.
WWII Paratrooper William Guarnere during filming of The Restorers.  Guarnere served with the celebrated 101st, 506 PIR, 2nd Battalion, Easy Company.
We would love to hear from you!


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