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Nick Spark / Jessica Cox RIGHTFOOTED Documentary Important Update!

                                           A DOCUMENTARY FILM ABOUT JESSICA COX
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On February 11th, we'll be launching a new fundraising campaign on the website Indiegogo.  Indiegogo is a partner of the IDA.
We'll be sending a reminder on February 11th about the new campaign, and hope that you'll share it and our exciting new video trailer with your family and friends.
Posted 01/22/13
Greetings from Nick Spark, director and producer of "Rightfooted".  For those of you who don't know about my new project, it's a documentary about a truly amazing and inspirational woman named Jessica Cox who, although born without arms, earned her pilot's license.  She now works around the world to educate, motivate, and change things for the alternately-abled.
Thanks to all of those who helped us in 2012 -- without your support this film simply would not be possible that's for sure.
2012 was an incredibly eventful and surprising year for Jessica and our production.  But before I recap that, I want to let you know that the first few months of 2013 will be critical for us!  Breaking news, Jessica has had an amazing opportunity drop into her lap.  In April, she's been invited to travel to Ethiopia under the auspices of Handicap International -- an affiliate of the Nobel Prize winning NGO.  Jessica will be working with alternately-abled children and trying to help re-shape perceptions in the society-at-large — a society where disabled children have few prospects and rarely receive an education.  This trip represents a new new level of action for Jessica, and could be the heart of our film.  In order to make the trip possible and to film it, we'll be launching a fundraising campaign on crowdsourcing site Indiegogo starting February 11th.  The link (not active until Feb. 11th) will be:
Please make a note of it on your calendars and share with friends when it goes live.  Part of the campaign includes a wonderful new video about Jessica that we know you'll want to share with friends.
Now, 2012 was a busy and rewarding time for our filmmaking team, and a wonderful year for Jessica.  Not only did she tie the knot with fiancĂ© Patrick in May, but in November she received a Susan G. Komen Inspiration Award.  Wow!
Inspiring Journeys in 2012
Posted 01/18/13
Keeping up with Jessica Cox isn’t easy!  Not only did she tie the knot with fiancĂ© Patrick in May, but in November she received a Susan G. Komen Inspiration Award (see photo above).  Detailing these events I'll leave for the film.  What I do want to share with you, as an example of what we documented this year, is a trip we took to America's heartland.
It was in fact a trip to Iowa.  In a small rural town, we filmed Jessica’s visit with a family whose 4-year-old daughter Grace was born (like Jessica) without arms.  For Grace, who had been watching videos of Jessica on Youtube since she was two, Jessica’s appearance in her house was nothing short of a miracle.  The two bonded quickly as you can imagine, and Gracie proudly showed off her new friend to her assembled brothers, sisters and cousin.  But while Jessica’s visit was clearly important to Grace, it was her quiet, confident counseling of parents Greg and Patricia that really made the trip worthwhile.  “What I am seeing is that Gracie is fine,” Jessica told us.  “But her parents needed to see and hear directly from me that despite having no arms, she can do anything she wants and she really doesn’t have many limits compared to any other four-year-old.  She has a bright future and I think they just need to be reassured about that.”    As part of the visit Jessica visited Grace's school, where she gave a presentation to the entire student body.   It was obvious from the reception -- the students gave Jessica their undivided attention which for elementary students is a real achievement -- that she made an impression.  I imagine the visit will pay dividends in their future lives, and certainly affect their treatment of fellow student Gracie.
Photos: Jessica first meets Gracie (l), and spends some personal time with her (r).
We coordinated our visit to Iowa with a special event in nearby Kansas City called “Challenge Air”.  Founded by former fighter pilot Rick Amber, who lost the use of his legs in an aviation accident on the USS Hancock, Challenge Air’s mission is to allow children with physical and other challenges and to see the world from a different perspective – from above.  Jessica joined a fantastic group of volunteer pilots who took dozens of children flying.  One of them was Grace, who had the distinction of going up in a twin-engine airplane piloted by Austen Plain with Jessica in the co-pilot’s seat.   We had no idea how Grace would react to going up in an airplane for the first time.  Would all the noise and the sight of the ground dropping away frighten her, or heaven forbid would she panic or get airsick?  As it turned out, none of the above:  Grace seemed to love her time in the air, and once back down on terra firma headed off to the computer flight simulator table.  Following Jessica’s lead, she took the stick in her feet and started flying.

This is just a short preview of one part of our film, but I think it gives insight into the project’s purpose and course.  Jessica is making a difference all the time, sometimes with just one individual, sometimes with groups of people, and we’re grateful to be there documenting her efforts.  In the coming weeks we’re going to make an important announcement about a major opportunity both for Jessica and the film, and I hope you’ll be able to help spread the word and make it possible for us to continue what so far, has been a wonderful journey. 
Thanks again for all your encouragement, support, and for helping spread the word.  — Nick Spark

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