Friday, November 30, 2012

"Rise Above" - A one-of-a-kind Experience

Hemlock Films
Creating the film "Rise Above" for the CAF Red Tail Squadron 

     In 2011 Hemlock Films produced a one-of-a-kind documentary experience.  Filming for the CAF Red Tail Squadron, Hemlock Films created an immersive 170 degree aviation documentary about the Tuskegee Airmen titled "Rise Above".  This film shows in only one theater in the world, a mobile education facility, housing an 8ft X 48ft screen and 7.1 Surround Sound.  Now, catch a glimpse of how it was created!
     In our new piece "Rise Above - Creating and Experience from the Ground Up" you can learn a little about the efforts to create the "Rise Above" exhibit.  Click on the title below to watch!
Red the "dessert" (entertainment-wise), the Red Tail Squadron's traveling exhibit is "the main entrĂ©e," 
- George Lucas
The film won the 2011 ICAS "Special Achievement" Award.  In addition to the national accolades, over 40,000 people experienced "Rise Above" in the first year alone, including over 15,000 school children.  "Rise Above" travels the U.S. educating and inspiring.  Hemlock Films is proud to have been able to create such a project.
Visit our "Rise Above" page to find our more about creating the film.                        

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