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Airspeed Update: Shooting Movies in the Sky - Webinar April 11

Airspeed Update: Shooting Movies in the Sky - Webinar April 11

Airspeed Classic Episode

Check out "Making Good on a Deal," the story of Steve's first aerobatic competition.

Plan to Attend on Wednesday, April 11: Free EAA Webinar about Aviation Filmmaking!

Airspeed is teaming up with Wilco Films and the EAA to present a free webinar on Wednesday, April 11 at 7:00 pm CDT (0000Z) entitled Making Movies In and Around Aircraft: Both Aloft and On the Ground.

Tiny, affordable, and fun HD video cameras have been widely available and affordable for about two years now.  You've seen the really great results on YouTube and Vimeo, on TV, and even in feature films.

You've also seen really awful results.  Sometimes on your own computer screen after you thought that you had captured footage worthy of the next great aviation epic.  How do the pros make great videos?  Are they really smarter than I am?  Surely they're using much more sophisticated equipment than I am!  And they must be smarter than I am!

The fact of the matter is that the pros are now using some of the same equipment that you are.  And they're probably not a lot smarter than you are.  It's just that they've had a lot more opportunity to go through the trial and error and figure out what works.  In this free webinar, we'll give you lots of tips, tricks, and techniques to improve your flying video the very next time you go up.  Our experience comes from camming up all kinds of aircraft and looking at the results after more than 100 flights, many with up to six cameras per airplane (we reflect fondly on a mission involving a bright yellow Stearman a couple of weeks ago . . .) and some involving up to seven cameras among a formation of four jets (and, believe us, we reflect fondly on anything involving four jets).  This hard-won experience allows us to answer burning questions like these:
  • Why does the prop look like it's flying apart or turning into a boomerang (assuming, of course, that it's not actually flying apart or turning into a boomerang)?
  • How do I stop the camera from FOD-ing off of its suction-cup mount and hitting me in the head?
  • All I get is footage of my nose!  How do I get wider-angle shots?
  • Why is Gaffer Tape more important to the cohesiveness of the universe than the Higgs boson or dark matter?
  • How do I get the best shots on the ground without a whole lot of expensive cranes and booms?
  • How do I get good cockpit audio?
  • What factors should I think about when mounting cameras in the cockpit for aerobatic flights?
  • There's nowhere to mount the stupid camera!  Is there a mount type or location that I'm not thinking about?
Your co-presenters are scheduled to be Steve Tupper and Will Hawkins.  You know Steve as the host of Airspeed, the Internet's best all-features aviation podcast, now in its seventh season with more than 200 episodes in the feed.  You might also know him as the director of the upcoming documentary feature film, Acro Camp.  Will is half of the creative team at Wilco Films and the director of the upcoming documentary feature film, A Pilot's Story, and as the director of photography for Acro Camp.

As of today, the EAA has signed up 256 of the 1,000 available slots for this free webinar.  We want this to be the first EAA webinar that maxes out the 1,000-connection limit on the EAA's system.  Think we can do it?  Only you can answer that question!  Reserve your slot now

It's convenient, it's free, and - best of all - it's a smoke-oil tank of pure awesome!  Join us on Wednesday, April 11 at 7:00 pm CDT (0000Z)!

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