Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Fighter Look and Feel, Radial Power, Easy to Handle Gear Configuration

New Century Aerosport, Inc., located in Olathe, Kansas, has introduced the Radial Rocket RG, a retractable landing gear development of its fixed-gear tailwheel-equipped Radial Rocket, featuring a tricycle landing gear configuration.  First flight of the new RG model took place at Johnson County Executive Airport in Olathe, Kansas in December, 2010.

New Century Aerosport began production of the Radial Rocket TD in 2005.  The company developed the Radial Rocket RG in response to customer requests for a retractable gear version of the aircraft. Company president Jeffrey Ackland states: “Combining the retractable gear option with a nosewheel configuration provides the best of both worlds – improved performance and ease of ground handling. This development opens up the Radial Rocket experience to a much wider range of pilots.”

The first customer-built Radial Rocket RG is in final assembly, scheduled to fly in the spring of 2011.

The Radial Rocket RG features a composite airframe designed for aerobatic flight. Power is supplied by the M-14 P (360 hp) or M-14 PF (400 hp) nine-cylinder, geared radial engine. The Radial Rocket is available as a comprehensive airframe kit, with customized build-assist options available.

For more information contact: New Century Aerosport, Inc. /  www.RadialRocket.com /  email: jdair@sbcglobal.net / Phone 913 634 8531.  

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