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Indy Transponder 18-FEB-10 1730z

Blue skies and plane fun - Gainesville Sun
Wings of Dreams Air Show is a historical experience for all ages
In 1944, 23-year-old Bea Haydu was one of about 1,100 women who graduated from a seven-month training program for Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP).
The women worked as instructors, testers and utility pilots behind the scenes to ensure flight trainings and operations on American soil ran smoothly.
"What people don't realize is that for every one combat pilot, you need about 12 service pilots," Haydu said. ...

Air show brings C-7 back - Maxwell Gunter Dispatch
The Maxwell Open House and Air Show 2010, March 27-28, will feature several current and former aircraft of the Air Force inventory on static display. ...

Janesville Hopes AirFEST Provides Economic Boost - WISC Madison
Wednesday morning, a member of the US Air Force Thunderbirds demonstration team arrived in Janesville in advance of this summer's air show. ...

Organizers Say AERO Friedrichshafen Will Be A Strong Show from Aero-News Network
Exhibit Bookings Exceeding Original Expectations The team organizing the 18th annual AERO international aviation trade show says they expect the event will be better than ever, with exhibitor numbers exceeding initial expectations.

Aviation in Bristol celebrates 100 years of flight - BBC Bristol website
Aircraft production began in Filton in 1910, less than two years after the first recorded flight of a powered aeroplane in British skies. ...

Air Zoo is a different animal - Gary Post Tribune
In March, Air Zoo's open cockpit weekends will feature a P-47 Thunderbolt, B-25 and P-29 Airacobra. "We have an amazing collection, but the B-25 is one of ...

RAF Dominie / Rapide in Uruguay 1944/7 from PPRuNe Forums
Having found the following photos among assorted aviation memorabilia, and done a bit of research on the subjects, I thought they might be worth sharing as a record of one of the more obscure RAF deployments.
They show DH Dominie NR673 which was apparently converted back to Rapide standard and shipped by sea to Montevideo, Uruguay in Oct 1944 for use by the British Embassy. Shown at Uruguay Air Force Base No.1 at Montevedeo with a RAF Officer and various local Air Force personnel, it carried the name "Condor de los Andes" and apparently, no national marks. It is recorded as having served there until 1947. The photos carry the stamp of a local photographer ...

Relatives of young pilot traced - just in time - Cambridge News
RELATIVES of a young pilot killed in a crash more than 50 years ago have been traced – thanks to the News.
Royal British Legion officials wanted to trace the family of Flying Officer J D Hammett in time for a ceremony to re-dedicate the headstone on his grave in Haverhill cemetery.
Now members of his family living in the London area have been traced and will attend the ceremony at the end of the month.
The young RAF pilot died, together with his second crew member, in a crash on August 10, 1956 – his 23rd birthday. His jet fighter is believed to have hit a tree while trying to land at Newmarket airfield while he served with 89 Squadron. ...

Today in Aviation History - Book Collecting from Another Time
Today is the birthday of the great aviation historian, Octave Chanute. The French born engineer and aviation pioneer was born  on this day in 1832. Read more of his bio here. What recently captured my  attention was that he wrote a book titled "Progress in Flying  Machines" back in 1894. Evidently this became a book that was  studied by the Wright Brothers in their quest for powered flight.  What captured my attention was ...

Atlanta Aero Club to host AOPA's Gebhart from General Aviation News
Karen Gebhart, president of the AOPA Foundation, is the featured guest speaker for the regular bi-monthly meeting of the Atlanta Aero Club March 2. Gebhart's presentation will address the challenges and opportunities facing general aviation and how individual engagement can help promote and protect our freedom to fly. ...
Executive profile: Kelly Burris, patent lawyer, Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione ... -
Kelly Burris with her co-pilot Erin Recke during the 2009 Air Race Classic. In 2008 and 2009, Burris put her aviation skills to the test by competing in the ...
A SOARING FEAT - Houston Chronicle via You Fly, Girl
Heights glider pilot wings her way into the record books
For as long as she can remember, Val Paget has reached for the sky and felt at home there. She got her first taste while climbing a 14,000-foot mountain with her father at age 3.
Yet today the 66-year-old retired English teacher living in the Heights is pushing herself beyond any mountain summit.
That's why she became a sky sailor of sorts, eventually flying to a place where no woman has gone before. The flight that drew ...

Air Drawing 45: McDonnell F3H-G from The Unwanted Blog
Before there was the F-4 Phantom II, McDonnell produced the F-3H Demon. In between, McDonnell designed the F3H-G, a single seat fighter design clearly halfway between the two. Air Drawing 45 presents a sizable (10,170X2920 pixels) inboard view of the F3H-G concept, showing top, side and section views. Also included:

Photo Essay: C-17s Participate in Pacific Rendezvous. from Planenews Aviation News Portal

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