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Indy Transponder 5-AUG-10 2345z

Christie Johnson takes flight with a Seafair airshow pilot by KING 5 News
Seafair weekend is one of the most exciting of the summer in Seattle. The Blue Angels are on the ground and ready to dazzle the crowd at Lake Washington this weekend. KING 5's Christie Johnson flies with one of the other pilots taking part in this weekend's airshow. ...

Thunder Over Michigan Air Show set for this weekend - The News Herald
The Yankee Air Museum’s 2010 Thunder Over Michigan Air Show featuring the Gathering of Fortresses and Legends is set for Saturday and Sunday at Willow Run Airport.
Organizers said this will be the largest gathering of World War II heavy bombers in the world. Attendees are invited to meet the veterans who flew and maintained the B-17s and B-24s.
Organizers said it might be the last opportunity for the exclusive display of World War II bombers and some of the “greatest generation” veterans from all over the world to be together at the same time.
In addition, the world’s only P-51 Mustang formation aerobatic flight team, The ASB.TV Horsemen, will perform on both days. ...

B-29 FIFI Has Flown Again [With Video] from AVwebFlash Current Issue
The Commemorative Air Force's Boeing B-29 Superfortress flew Thursday morning at Midland International Airport, taking to the air for the first time since 2004 and reclaiming its title as the only flyable aircraft of its type. "She ran like a top," Paul Stojkov, one of the aircraft's pilots said of the aircraft's 39-minute flight. The hop was made possible by volunteer work, the support of the CAF team and financial contributors like Jim Cavanaugh. That combination saw FIFI fitted with new custom built engines that combine the R-3350-95W and R-3350-26WD engines. FIFI's next flight is expected on Saturday, August 7, and visitors are invited.

The 9th FAI Advanced World Aerobatic Champs 5-15 Aug from Airsports.TV's Blog 
Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce the beginning of a very big event in the aerobatic scene, the  Advanced World Aerobatic Championships 2010 (AWAC 2010). The competition brought together contestants from all around the world: UK, France, Japan, Italy, South Africa, Czech Republic, Romania, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland, Hungary, USA, Ukraine, Finland, Portugal, Russia, Poland, Sweden. During 10 days from 5th to 15th of August these contestants will compete to win the title of Overall Champion. will be in touch and will get back with fresh news about this event every day!

2010 Kathy Jaffe Aerobatic Challenge at N14 This Weekend from FlightAware
The 2010 Kathy Jaffe Aerobatic Challenge will take place at N14 this weekend. Sponsored by Chapter 52 of the International Aerobatic Club, the Challenge draws planes and pilots from throughout the eastern seaboard and offers many photo opportunities for interested observers. 

McCall fly-in shows off the backcountry - Bellingham Herald
14 with speakers and performers - including Greg Poe, Lori McNichol, Gene Nora Jessen and Steve Appleton, Mark Peterson and Bob Finer - from 9 am to 11 am ...

Pilot News after Thursday training at EuroSpeedway Lausitz from
Nigel Lamb (1st) was pleased with his consistency in the EuroSpeedway Lausitz race track, a ...
Paul Bonhomme (2nd) was puzzled that Lamb had beaten him by 0.66 seconds in the afternoon after he had ...
Nicolas Ivanoff (3rd) was pleased with his strong showing but wary of putting too much faith in being able to ...

LAUSITZ, Germany - The most enthusiastic spectators at the Red Bull Air Race training session on Thursday were the pilots themselves. They were enjoying watching the flying on site for the first time in three years -- because the race track and the race airport are at the same location.

Aug 20 cost cuts ground Air Show - The Budapest Report
The Budapest City Council has reportedly scrapped even the idea of hosting what has become a family household name – the Red Bull Air race – due lack of funding. The council argues that the Hungarian transport Authority had reportedly earlier decided that the event was dangerous and hazardous to the environment and did not sign the permits required.
However sources said that the City council had demanded too much money from Red Bull and because it was reluctant to pay the upped price, has decided to abolish what has become an annual race. Ironically the national transport authority kept mum for almost a decade since the inception of the race, but now strangely found it “ risky ”, one wonders….

McDonald Racer #37 & T-6 Racing Association Asks: Who's Coming to ... from
Attention ALL potential air race attendees, if you will be attending the 2010 National Champion Reno Air Races and would like to receive a 40% discount on your hotel stay at the Grand Sierra Resort Hotel & Casino, the hotel sponsor of the National Championship Air ...

Legacy of Tuskegee Airmen lives on from Grissom Air Reserve Base, Ind.
The red jackets of the Tuskegee Airmen remain as distinctive today as the red tail markings on the aircraft they flew during World War II. And their legacy -- the influence they've had on Air Force operations, past and present -- leaves an even more indelible mark. ...

TNAA honors Carters during 125th anniversary celebration - The Tuskegee News
The kick-off to the 14th Biennial Convention for the Tuskegee National Alumni Association offered a rare treat for many who came from across the country to revisit their alma mater.
Following a tour of the city, more than 50 TNAA convention attendees explored the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site at Moton Field before meeting with two local legends – Tuskegee Airman Lt. Col. Herbert E. Carter and his wife, Mildred Carter, one of the first black women to obtain a pilot’s license. ...

In the Shadow of Mt Kinabalu... from Autogyro circumnavigation of the globe
Norman has safely arrived Kota Kinabalu International Airport (WBKK) in the north of the island of Borneo in the Malaysian state of Sabah. This followed a flight from Kuching, where he departed at 10.00am local time for a 330 miles (530 Km) first leg to Miri Airport where he refueled before continuing to Kota Kinabalu, a further 180 miles (290 km) to the North.
Norman made great time on each leg and was helped once again by members of the EAA Malaysian Chapter 1090 (Experimental Aircraft Association) at both stops.  ...

Father, daughter share aircraft heritage
from Air Force Link Top Stories 
While many daughters may share similar interests with their fathers, one NCO here relates the challenges of her job with an understanding dad. He's been there and done that.
When retired Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer 3rd Class William Seibt learned that his daughter, Jennifer, was going to be promoted from technical sergeant to master sergeant July 30, he made the trip from Hillsboro, Ore., to Cannon Air Force Base to share the event with her. As a retired avionics officer for a Coast Guard C-130, he got the opportunity to revisit his old airframe, albeit a 73rd Special Operations Squadron MC-130W Dragon Spear, courtesy of his loadmaster daughter. ...

The T-28 Trojan - Moose Peterson
The T-28 is a cool plane that I first meet last year at the Reno Air Races. A trainer, it has this kinda funkie shape and size that, well, just clicks with me. There was a mess of them at Oshkosh in just about every paint scheme the military ever used. So when the sun came out briefly and I saw the God beams, I ran right over to the huge line of them. ...

Very Early B-36 cutaway from The Unwanted Blog 
A cutaway of the Consolidated Model 36, circa 1941. This would eventually become the B-36. Main changes included ...

August 5 from Cut and Paste Aviation

Aircraft Hangars Destroyed As Russian Wildfires Rage [Video] -
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev reprimanded the head of the navy on Wednesday, and sacked several senior naval officers over a major fire at a base outside Moscow.   
At least 13 aircraft hangars were destroyed. ...

EAA AirVenture in Oskosh remains America's premiere aviation attraction -
2380, including 1106 homebuilt aircraft, 635 vintage airplanes, 374 warbirds, 115 ultralights, 120 seaplanes and 30 rotorcraft. ...

Post Oshkosh Recap from Life on the Road as a Pilot 
Or should we call it Splosh-Kosh? Yes, this year's EAA AirVenture was a mire of muck and mud for the first few days, necessitating my car's rescue from my new best friend, John Deere. I wasn't the only one needing a tug, however, so bravo to those who made it in to Camp Scholler and, for the most part, kept their spirits up (and stayed civil) despite permanent dirt stains on everything from feet to tarp. We arrived on Friday evening, but within two days new arrivals were being turned away from Scholler and sent to stay in parking lots around Oshkosh until things dried out - which, thankfully, they eventually did. ...

Uncontrolled Airspace #198-golf "Hi-Yo Turbofan"
UCAP Daily! Bonus audio, from the front edge of the AirVenture flight-line, the C-5 takeoff, a half-hour after the ending of UCAP 201. All this and more on Uncontrolled Airspace #198-golf "Hi-Yo Turbofan"

Cessna OA-37B Dragonfly. “An air to air left side view of... from Planeshots
Air Force Week in Photos from Photos
NAS Point Mugu Airshow 2010 - Point Mugu - 08/07/10 from FenceCheck Forums
Boeing's craneless 787 final assembly line gets cranes from FlightBlogger 
Going Vertical: F-22 Raptor Versus F-15 Eagle from Defense Tech

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