Wednesday, June 22, 2011


In an email (see below) to ICAS President John Cudahy, Shrinersfest Chairman, Vernon Stevens thanked ICAS, Andy Anderson and Jerry Conley of the Air Show Act - RED STAR AND THE DRAGON for stepping in to fill the void left in their air show by The Blue Angles during their recent Safety Stand down.

To: John Cudahy ICAS


I would like to extend my thanks to ICAS and especially to Andy Anderson and Jerry Conley of the air show act RED STAR and THE DRAGON, can't tell you how much I appreciated their quick response to bridge the gap the Blue Angels left in our airshow. When they announced May 27th that they were cancelling our show, they also told us not to give their hotel rooms away, as there might be a strong chance that they would be coming. As you well know, at the ninth hour (6:30 pm on June 5th - our event was due to start June 9th) we were informed that the cancellation would remain in effect. I was on the phone with Andy at 6:45 and they went to work!

Our involvement with ICAS provided the vital contact that enabled me to reach out to Andy and Jerry at a critical time for our airshow. Their knowledge and experience proved to be invaluable to our organization, which as you know, was attempting its first air show. Within only three days, Andy and Jerry were able to insert RED STAR AND THE DRAGON into their portion of the air show, immediately taking control as our headliner. Their accessability to our committee members and our attendees added a personal touch that won everyone over instantly.Their professionalism speaks volumes.They are an asset to your industry.

I can't forget to talk about our patrons. The people who attended our air show used words like "amazing," "fantastic," great" and "fabulous!" There is absolutely no doubt that they enriched our event and helped to make it the success that it was. On a personal note, I consider myself very lucky to have met them in Las Vegas at ICAS. I thank them for making me look good! I look forward to working with Andy and Jerry again in the very near future.


Vernon Stevens
2011 Shrinersfest Chairman, Evansville IN

(Photo via Air Show Buzz)

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