Monday, June 27, 2011


Our friend Frederic in France submitted the following, and we are happy to share his photos with our readers.  Thank you Frederic!

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After two months of sunny weather, in april and may with no airshow, it was very logical that rain came back in june, when air shows are begining...
Well at least I've had good time with my friends!

During afternoon, wind have falled so this beautifull Bleriot XI was able to fly. (picture 1)

As this beautifull Fokker DR1. (picture 2)

The big surprise was this rare P-40B from Stephen Grey's Fighter Collection. (picture 3)

Main theme of air show was hundred years of Morane Saulnier, so we had opportunity to see various aircrafts from this old company.

MS 138 (picture 4)

MS 406 (picture 5)

MS 760 paris (picture 6)

Ferte Alais team decided also to evoke Pearl Harbour attack with aircraft involved in pacific war (or dressed like airplanes involved in pacific war).

TORA TORA TORA for this T6/Zero (picture 7)

Air attack on ferte Alais airfield! (picture 8)

P-40N take off (picture 9)

And no french navy never fight with japanese fleet! (picture 10)

Can you imagine a war bird airshow without somr T-6? (picture 11, 12 and 13)

It's easy to make smoke circles with a cigar, it's a little more complicated with a Sea-Fury! (picture 14 and 15)

Big frog, a french team will compete  for air races at Reno in 2011 (picture 16).

Highly involved in a very different air show other Libya French air force and french navy have neverthless display one Super Etendard and two Rafale (picture 17, 18 and 19).


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