Monday, March 17, 2008

Hilligoss Still Flying

Hilligoss Still Flying

As you are probably aware, we had the honor of dedicating the 2007 Indianapolis Air Show to the tireless efforts and memory of our friend Steve Hilligoss. What you may not have been aware of was that long time Indianapolis Air Show favorite, and ACE aerobatic performer Greg Koontz, prepared a special salute to our friend Steve. On Friday before the thousands of spectators poured onto the field, Greg requested I supply him with a couple of the tribute stickers that had been prepared in honor of Steve by aviation artist & Flightline America’s Mike Cooney.

Greg meticulously placed one sticker on each side of his Super Decathlon’s engine cowl, centered in the white star, and stated that the tribute would remain throughout the season. Every spectator, photograph, and video taken at that show, and others events, enjoyed the salute to Steve.

Recently, the preeminent global air show publication World Airshow News featured Greg on the cover with a fantastic article by Jeff Parnau entitled “Flying with an ACE”. Both Greg and Jeff are regular contributors to the publication. Have a look at the cover for yourself and see that our friend Steve is still flying. Thank you again Greg for your gesture and to the folks at World Airshow News for your fine publication.

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