Monday, March 31, 2008

DreamFlight WACO Glider Program

Hello to all of our friends ~ We hope that this message finds things going well with you.  All is fine – well, especially great!! – At DreamFlight and  Here is our exciting news.


As you are aware, we at DreamFlight have committed to bringing back to ‘life’ a flyable WACO CG-4A glider – the one that flew so many courageous troops in the conflicts in WW II.   DreamFlight will renew a CG-4A, take it to England and fly it to the 65th Anniversary of D-Day, Normandy in June, 2009 for the commemoration.  We will also fly the glider to Holland in September, 2009 to commemorate the courageous actions of our troops at Operation Market-Garden.


For the past month and ½ I have traveled cross-country to meet with many, many people, groups and organizations that are interested in assisting to make our goal a reality.  Everyone has been extremely excited and willing to help with the project.  We now have obtained commitments for many parts for the CG-4A.  I have just returned to S. CA with a 53’ long trailer loaded with these parts.  I have at least one more trip to collect more committed parts. 


This project is definitely in a committed GO MODE !!


Ours is truly a ‘community effort’ which will succeed with the efforts of many people.  We will welcome EVERYONE to join with us to help in any way that you can to make this project the success that it deserves.


As you know, there is NO FLYING WACO CG-4A glider in existence (that we know of, at least).  There are several in excellent condition in museums but none flying.  Please go to our web site at , category: WW II Glider Corps to find see more about the CG-4A in general and, our program under item Glider Corps Program Letter which will tell about our project. Project 1-1_dc1.doc


We would like to ask that you now commit to help make our program a success.  We will ask that you donate money to the program.  We will ask that if you have any of the following skills that you let us know what you can contribute:


Aircraft mechanical proficiency (including but not limited to A&P / IA);

Computer skills – we need to prepare an exciting web site;

Fund raising;

Visual / audio capability to record our re-build process and the trips / flights;

Writing skills (as you can see from this message we really need people with good writing skills.


The benefits of your assistance will be enormous!!  You will be a specific part of an historic event(s) that has never been done since the 1940’s and, quite probably, will never be repeated.  You will have the satisfaction of helping to make a part of our history – Aviation, Military, and manufacturing efforts brought back to public awareness for ours and subsequent generations.


We are supported by many individuals and organizations.  In my next message I will send information about how you can make your financial donations to a charitable organization 501(c) 3 that is supporting our efforts.  I will provide a way for your business or organization to gain a huge amount of publicity by joining with us.


Please PASS THIS MESSAGE ON TO YOUR FRIENDS so that they can learn more about this very important part of our history and our project.


As we progress, we will keep you up-dated with pictures as we acquire parts, re-build the CG-4A, fly it for the first time – and many times thereafter.  Lots to enjoy.  Today, go to

 Trip Pictures to see some of the pictures of our first steps in the project.


We appreciate your friendship and look forward to having you join with us to make the WW II Glider Corps Project a huge success.


As you probably also know, our internationally acclaimed web site at now has almost 2,000 forwarded items from around the world that are being shared with you and others in virtually every country.  I can assure you that you will find something of interest to you, your family and friends at .  We are constantly adding new forwards and have started a new Category for “Green” where you can share interesting items that will help all of us better manage our environment. 


Best … John & Betty Pappas for DreamFlight and the WW II Glider Corps Project.


John Pappas – DreamFlight


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