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Wings of Dreams: December Fly-In Breakfast

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Fly-In/Cruise-In Breakfast
Saturday, December 7, 2013
8 am - 10:00 am
Keystone Heights Airport, Florida (42J)
Former Keystone Army Airfield - WWII Air Base

"The tragic lessons of Pearl Harbor and 9/11 should encourage us to never again allow complacency to prevail so that it endangers our very existence as a free nation."  Bob Gasche, WWII combat veteran and Iwo Jima survivor
 "Air raid Pearl Harbor - this is no drill."

The Pearl Harbor Day Commemoration will include playing the December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor attack radio announcement and a reading of "Remember the 'day of infamy,' written by WWII veteran Bob Gasche, who served with the Marines in the Pacific Theater and saw the American flag raised over Iwo Jima. This "Fly Into History" program will begin at 9 am. 
-  Classic cars on display
-  Next Fly-In Breakfast - TBA 

-  Tours of museum and historic space artifacts  
    after fly-in breakfast 

    Star Party - December 7
    Stargazing from 7 - 9 pm - Free admission,
    donations appreciated


Elevation: 196 ft. - Pattern Altitude 1196
Frequencies: CTAF/UNICOM - 122.7

WX AWOS-3 - 124.275 (352-473-8273 

Airport Office: 352-473-0031

"Solar System Adventures!"
Wings of Dreams concluded its first after-school STEM program for middle school students, funded by a NASA mini-grant.
The program, taught by volunteer Dr. Francisco Reyes, was Wings of Dreams first collabortive project with the UF Department of Astronomy public outreach. We thank Dr. Reyes and the UF astronomy department for helping launch this important educational initiative.
More educational programs will be offered in 2014, available to students in a multi-county area. Topics will include astronomy & space exploration, aeronautics & aviation, rocketry, early aviation pioneers, and WWII history.
For more information, contact Susan King, 352-256-8037  or
"Solar System Adventures" photos by Trace Choulat 

December Fly-In Sponsored by:
Johnny's Bar-B-Q & Catering
CB Isaac Realty
- Ronald Blake, Broker
-  Becky Carter, Realtor
-  Judie Palmer,Realtor
Airport facility usage fee for Wings of Dreams Fly-In donated by Ron Blake 
Express Air Flight School
- Capt. Bob Oehl, ATP/CFII
- Photos by Trace Choulat
- Website Support by  
   Unicorn Web

Eggs, grits, bacon, sausage, biscuits, fruit, juice, coffee

$7 per person
$4 per child (9 & under)

Free breakfast for WWII and Korean War veterans

First come, first served
All proceeds to benefit Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum


Call:  352-256-8037

Download Fly-In Flyer
Download Wings of Dreams Overview  
Executive Director Bob Oehl and Managing Director Susan King watch the loading of the final and largest component of the Hubble mockup - the aft shroud - by Wings of Dreams logistics officer and director Greg Asley in the storage area of the Sonny Carter Traning Facility at the Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas.
Hubble  Mockup Delivered!
The last and most identifiable component of the Hubble Space Telescope Mockup was transported from the Houston to Keystone Airport on Wednesday, November 20, 2013.
The loading, transport and  delivery of the entire Hubble Mockup was made possible by Wings of Dreams team members

Greg Ashley, Adam Ashley, Travis Ashley, Wes Hoy, Bob Oehl and Susan King, and transport partners Davis Express and Star Intermodal. 
The Hubble mockup (shown in NASA photo below) was used in the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory to prepare astronauts for the Hubble Space Telescope servicing missions.
Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum | 7100 Airport Road | Starke | FL | 32091

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