Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gone West: Amanda Franklin - Tributes and Farewells

As reflected in the posts below, many in our community have eloquently expressed their respect to Amanda, however; we at the Indy Transponder just want to add our heartfelt condolences to Kyle and the rest of Amanda's family.  Amanda has touched us all ... the responses we see from the aviation community below are proof.  She will be missed by all of us.

Also, we were contacted by the organizers of the Aviation Roundup that will be held August 27-28 at the Minden/Tahoe Airport.  To quote what was shared: We want to honor Amanda and help Kyle .... We know that Kyle and his family still face many challenges and we want to support him.

June 4:  Funeral Information is available HERE on ASB.

A Note from Kyle: For those who would like to participate in a mass fly over at Amanda's grave site service. (added 5/29)

Photos from many fans along with heartfelt condolences from fans across the country have been shared at Airshowbuzz and you are encouraged to go there and add yours.
Update 5/29:  The link to this amazing tribute video at ASB as well. 

Added 5/29:  Honoring Amanda - Missing Man Formation - YouTube | The 2011 Wheels and Wings Airshow at Millville Municipal Airport in Millville, New Jersey added a Missing Man formation to their show to honor Amanda on May 28.

Amanda Younkin Franklin, May You Rest In Peace - AirPigz | Amanda Younkin Franklin passed away on Friday May 27, 2011. May God rest her soul.  After 75 days battling to survive after the forced landing and fire during the Franklin Flying Circus wingwalking performance March 12, 2011 in Brownsville, Texas, God has taken Amanda Franklin from this earth.  Continued prayers go out to the Younkin and Franklin families, and especially to her loving husband Kyle Franklin. ...
added 6/4: A video tribute

Amanda Franklin…. A Flying legend from  | As we all know Amanda and Kyle were involved in a tragic fire and forced landing several months ago in Texas. Tragic is a word that is overused in our language, but it really fits here; there are few other ways to describe what has happened. Kyle suffered burns and some traumatic injuries. Amanda was [...]

Added 5/31:  Tribute page from the Indianapolis Air Show and another from Friends of Aviation.

In Memory of Amanda Franklin from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News

Amanda Younkin Franklin - A tribute video posted by earshottank22

Added 6/24:

Amanda Franklin: Friday's Fabulous Flyer from Flight To Success | Amanda Franklin recently passed away, leaving a huge hole in the sky and the hearts of many. The rain poured from the heavens as tears flowed with the passing of this beautiful and talented woman. She will be missed by many, but her memory and imprint on this world will last forever.  | Christine Hollingsworth shared Amanda's story with me, and I asked her is she wanted to write it. Christine sent me the following post of how this amazing woman, Amanda Franklin, lived and inspired many, and is the reason Christine flies today. ...>>

You can still donate:  please visit ICAS or ICAS Foundation
And as mentioned above, don't forget the Minden-Tahoe Airport Benefit Air Show

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