Saturday, May 21, 2011

Acro Camp 2: Announcement and Casting Call

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In May of 2010, four pilots from around the country gathered in southeast Michigan at my home airport. Two men and two women. Experience ranging from 300 hours to 12,000 hours. A lawyer and Air Force officer with a brand new commercial certificate. A psychologist with a CFI ticket. A furloughed NetJets pilot who runs a nonprofit. And an airline driver with type ratings in lots of heavy iron.

As different as different can be. But they all had a few things in common.

None had a tailwheel endorsement. And none had ever flown aerobatics.

Lined up on the ramp when they arrived were a Citabria, a Super Decathlon, and a Pitts S-2B. And two talented instructors who had cleared their schedules for the next four days. And a camera crew made up pilots and aviation enthusiasts with deserved reputations for translating the thrill of flight into digital adrenaline for thousands of the flying faithful.

You know what happened next.

At some point, you quit wondering, climb over the fence, and go find out.

Acro Camp, the independent documentary feature film that captured the whole experience, is in post and is slated for release late this summer. I’m editing video, arranging and recording music, and designing the packaging. And, frankly, re-living the event.

The experience was amazing. All four pilots – “campers” if you will – climbed into the airplanes and became superheroes of one kind or another. They faced fears, made friends, ate, drank, and became better, more confident, and safer pilots...

...At some point, you quit wondering, climb over the fence, and go find out.

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