Friday, September 7, 2012

National Aviation Heritage Invitational Preview

PFLUGERVILLE, TX – SEPTEMBER 6, 2012 – We are just days away from the 49th Reno National Championship Air Races.  While part of the ramp features the fastest planes that will challenge the race course, on the east end of the ramp, some of the oldest and slowest aircraft will be on display at the National Aviation Heritage Invitational.

Aircraft are judged on their authenticity and how close each restoration comes to the day it left the factory.  Five judges, two from the Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum, examine each plane inside and out down to the smallest detail.  “When I started covering the Invitational was amazed at how specific the judges get”, said Jeff Lee, President of LiveAirShowTV.  “That’s what makes these restorations get better and better each year.  They are wonderful examples of where aviation has come from.”

Winners are announced in Warbird, Classic, Antique, and Large Aircraft, as well as the People’s Choice Award presented by the National Aviation Hall of Fame.  The overall best restoration receives the Neil A. Armstrong Aviation Trophy during a ceremony on Sunday morning of race week.

Take a look at the planes entered in this year’s Invitational

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XPDR said...

These aircraft are vying for the Neil A. Armstrong National Aviation Heritage Invitational trophy to be awarded Sunday, September 16, 2012 at appx. 10:00 a.m.
Participants– Updated 13 September 2012**

Military 1951 Cessna L-19 Birddog N300VH
Military 1942 Navy N3N-3 N4009A
Military 1943 Fairchild PT-19 (M62) 49405
Military 1950 Cessna L19 Birddog
Military 1944 North American Aviation SNJ-5C N5615C
Military 1955 North America T-28B
Military 1970 North American OV-10A
Military 1970 Bell Helicopter Cobra
Military 1944 Consolidated Vultee
Military 1965 Bell Helicopter UH-1H Huey N503TW
Military 1950 North American T-6G
Military 1944 North American AT6-D Texan N4086T
Military 1941 Vultee BT-13A N10458

Large Aircraft 1945 Lockheed PV-2D N6657D
Large Aircraft 1929 Ford Tri Motor 5AT 414H
Large 1944 Beech C-45

Antique 1937 Stinson SR-9F (Reliant) N18425
Antique 1937 Ryan STA N17352
Antique 1941 Fairchild 24W41 N66143
Antique 1927 STINSON SM-1 N1517

Classic 1954 Cessna 170B N2865C
Classic 1952 Cessna 195B
Classic 1953 Cessna 195 N4468C
Classic 1946 Globe Swift GC-1B N78103
**subject to change