Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Return of the Oshkosh Express

EAA Photo
The famous Oshkosh Express will make a dramatic return to Oshkosh in 2013, when a state of the art Boeing 777 will deliver over 340 aviation enthusiasts from Australia and New Zealand.

The Air New Zealand “All Black” 777 will make the 13,000 kilometre journey with a planned stopover to allow the charter group to visit the Mojave spaceport en route to Oshkosh. The charter flight will then land at the famous Wittman Regional Airport.

The original 747 Oshkosh Express was organised over 30 years ago by Avtours Australia who have now teamed up with House of Travel in New Zealand to relaunch the epic charter flight. Bob Phillips and Dave Thomas of Avtours pioneered the Oshkosh Express, and now Bob’s daughter Karene is continuing the Avtours tradition. “It is so exciting to bring back the Oshkosh Express, especially with such an innovative and advanced aircraft” says Karene Phillips.

The Air New Zealand 777 features a completely revolutionary interior, with lieflat beds in economy/coach class and new style premium economy and business class seat layouts, as well as a state of the art touch screen digital entertainment system. The aircraft is believed to be the world’s only Boeing 777 painted in black.

Stephen Parsons, of New Zealand owned House of Travel, is their aviation tour specialist. “Oshkosh is the mecca of the aviation world – and it is a real bonus to be able to stop off and look at the space travel development work at Mojave” says Parsons, who also markets the Virgin Galactic space flights in New Zealand.

The flight has been dubbed the ANZAC Oshkosh Express to reflect the close relationship between New Zealand and Australia during the two world wars. Anzac stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps – and has come to represent the modern economic and cultural bond between the two countries.

Registration for the ANZAC Oshkosh Express was launched today at Oshkosh, allowing charter passengers to register for early discounts in business, premium economy and economy classes. “There are real benefits in getting in fast” says Avtours Phillips. “We’re offering special discounts to everyone who registers early – and this will, for many, be the aviation trip of their lifetime. The magic of landing at Oshkosh in front of all those spectators in such a special aircraft is unique and there’s real affection at AirVenture for this legendary flight from the other side of the world.”

The Air New Zealand “All Black “B777 will travel to Oshkosh subject to minimum passenger numbers.

ANZAC Oshkosh Express registrations and enquiries at or .