Friday, January 7, 2011

The Black Sheep Squadron

from reader Mint Moore III

With Todays date the Famous VMF-214 Blacksheep Pilots under the Command of Maj. Gregory "Pappy" Boyington is down to 5 Pilots still with us. The past couple of years have been taking a toll on our WWII Veterans, and soon they will no longer be with us.

The VMF-214 Blacksheep Pilots where 52 strong at one point and some became MIA and some Shot in Battle during WWII. The Blacksheep are very well known, and if you ask a person about the F4U Corsair ...the first thing they say is Pappy Boyington.
I wanted to pass along Ltc. Col. Jim Hill (pictured) new Web Site that was designed by his son Jeff Hill. Jeff has added all kinds of info and Photos, plus Jim Pilot Logs that have never been put out for public display. You can also visit the "Store" and purchase a "Personalized"8x10 signed by Jim Hill. there are 3 different photos to choose from or buy all 3. Col. Hill is still in Great shape and play's Tennis once a Week. So in closure of this note, take some time and visit the web site and let Jim Hill know you are very Thankful for what he and the Blacksheep have done in History.

The Web Site is

Mint Moore III

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