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UAE- 2009 Red Bull Air Race World Championship ready for take off - Middle East North Africa Financial Network
Fifteen of the world's top race pilots, including four rookies from four corners of the globe, will compete in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship in 2009, which will touch down in six spectacular locations beginning with the traditional season ...

Air show crowd numbers soar - Illawara Mercury, Australia
BY ALEX ARNOLD Predictions of a bumper crowd of more than 30000 proved correct for the third annual Wings Over Illawarra Open Day, held yesterday at the Illawarra Regional Airport at Albion Park. Organised by the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society ...

Derby Festival Dogged By Economy Turndown - WYMT, KY
Berry also expects that the economic downturn will cause the festival to lose money on its premier event, the huge air and fireworks show known as Thunder Over Louisville, reports The Louisville Courier-Journal.

Air Show Accident overview 2008
from David Cenciotti's weblog - the most visited Italian Aviation Blog by David Cenciotti
Major General (retired) Des Barker, former South African Air Force test and demonstration pilot has written the annual airshow accident review for display pilots, airshow organisers and safety officers worldwide with the purpose of highlighting ongoing accident/incidents at airshows in an effort to improve airshow and display flying safety by considering lessons learned. ...

Silver Dart replica makes five flights over frozen lake in Baddeck, NS
The Canadian Press, N.S.
"We're having a ball - this is an aviator's dream out here today," said an elated Don Peters, a member of the Flight of the Silver Dart Centennial Celebration. "I'll think he'll keep going until he runs out of gas," he said as Tryggvason made his final ...

P-47 Progress from Another Time by Dan Linn
While looking thru the forum posts on Plane Talk yesterday I came across some recent pictures of the P-47 under restoration with The Fighter Collection at Duxford. Years ago this P-47 was on display at the Lone Star Flight Museum but had not flown in years. The picture above in the "Little Demon" markings is a shot I took while it was in Texas in the early 1990's. When I heard it was to be restored I made note to follow along as best I could. This "razorback" P-47 will be one of the few P-47s flying of this model. I hope to post more pictures as it nears flight. Thanks to Brian for permission to post his picture.

Sunday Special: Cleared for takeoff, eh? - Winnipeg Free Press, Canada
The Sabre had been painted gold with streaks of red, the colors of the famous 1950s and 1960s Golden Hawks aerobatic team of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Vintage Wings technicians snatched the Hawk One, a Mark 5 Canadair Sabre, Spitfire of the Jet Age ...

Sunday Video #13 from Things in the Sky by Dan Webb
Today we have a tribute to Concorde

The Blackburn B-26 Botha from AeroHub by admin
... Of all the many types that entered RAF or Royal Navy service during WWII, I rank the Blackburn Botha and the Blackburn Roc as, arguably, first equals with respect to "horribleness". I spent hours searching for just one reference where someone had something nice to say about the Botha. Just one slightly redeeming feature perhaps? I came up with nothing to that effect! So how, in heaven's name, did so many of the 580 produced come to be inflicted on such young inexperienced aircrew? ...

Kids get airborne - WWAY NewsChannel 3, NC
The experimental aircraft association held their Young Eagles Program. Kids interested in flying were invited be co-pilots on the small planes. Twenty-five general electric volunteers and pilots donated their time, fuel, and skills to give kids a ...

Whirly-Girls winners split $25,000 in scholarships from : Latest News
At its annual scholarship banquet here on Friday evening, Whirly-Girls International presented scholarships worth a total value of more than $25,000 to six women. The American Eurocopter Flight Training Scholarship went to Tiffany Cobb Till of Houston. Laura Leigh Wendt received the Bell Helicopter Textron Flight Training Scholarship. The Robinson Safety Course Scholarship went to Karen Mall of West Hollywood, Calif. Rachel Miller won the Helicopter Flight Training Scholarship. Cynthia Laddon Kaase of San Diego won the Whirly-Girls-funded Memorial Flight Training Scholarship ...

ASK THE READERS: The Indy Transponder has tried to stay focused on all things "aerotainment". However, we are finding it difficult to leave the TSA's proposed LASP out of our news cycle due to the impact it will have on what we value - aerotainment. Directly impacted by the proposed LASP are air shows, air museums, and educating our youth about aviation ... So, we've decided to ask the readers - Do you want LASP news in the Indy Transponder? Email us. Leave a comment. Call us.

LASP - Comment period closes 2/27 don't forget privacy concerns from Pilots of America Message Board by Arnold
Hi folks, I know there are two other threads on this subject but they have not been updated all that recently and are quite long. I wanted to be sure the message does not get lost in the prior discussions.
There are many things wrong with the LASP NPRM, including issues of privacy. The privacy impact assessment can be found here:

TSA’s LSAP: A Solution in Search of a Problem - By Max Trescott on General Aviation
Reposted on the Indy Transponder

A Boston Tea Party for TSA from Jetwhine by Robert Mark

Calling All Pilots and General Aviation Supporters from My Flight Blog by tmacrock
Last year your help was needed to try and put a halt on the implementation of users fees. Now you are needed to once again write your representatives and share your feedback with the government officials over the TSA's proposed...

United Airlines Boeing 767 trashed by firefighting system from Unusual Attitude by Kieran Daly
So, the story I'm told goes like this. United takes fleet 6452, a Boeing 767-300, and gives it the full customer-facing treatment. New seats, interior fittings, and best of all, Panasonic's all-singing, all-dancing in-flight entertainment. All done at its Chicago maintenance base.
Last week, job nearly done, the bird's due back on the line...and then the firefighting system goes off. Allegedly for the third time in three weeks. To cut a long story short, fleet 6452 has now been patched up ready to limp off to the heavy maintenance guys at Timco to try to turn back into something a little more presentable ...

Online aviation communities from Thirty Thousand Feet Blog by Max Flight
"Social networking" is is all the rage these days, and almost everyone with a computer has heard of MySpace and Facebook, but what about online social communities that focus on aviation? Are there some that might appeal to the aviators, professionals, and enthusiasts among us? It turns out there are more than you might think and I thought I'd highlight a few. ...

LOX/Propylene rocket flown by Garvey Spacecraft/CSULB from RLV and Space Transport News
On Saturday the Garvey Spacecraft / Cal State Univ. at Long Beach team launched the Prospector 13A vehicle. John Garvey tells me "it featured CSULB student-designed LOX/propylene engine mounted onto a refurbished airframe that first flew as the Kimbo V back in 2001". (They have returned to this smaller vehicle due to limited resources currently.)
They "believe this is the first time LOX/propylene has been used in flight". Over the years, they have "done some static fire testing with these propellants, most recently this past November". They have now baselined densified propylene as the fuel for their Nanosat Launch Vehicle (NLV) It has "better Isp than RP-1, better density than methane".

R. Lee Ermey...a Marine "Bob Hope" from Military Photos by commanding
E-BOOKS: Military, Aviation and War History from Military Photos - General Discussion by korvinag

AS-330 Puma / AS-332 Super Puma / AS-532 & EC-725 Cougar from Fence Check
Luchtcomponent / Composante Air (Belgian Air Component) from Fence Check

Governor Daniels plane makes emergency landing - WTHR, IN
He was scheduled to appear live on Face the Nation in Washington DC on Sunday morning but had to appear via satellite from the sister station of WTHR, CBS affiliate WBNS. According to Face the Nation there was a problem with a cracked windshield on the ...

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